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There is a story about Jesus and the disciples one day going on a picnic. Jesus asked them all to bring two big stones. Peter had the biggest two while Judas just brought 2 pebbles. When they sat down under a tree to eat, Jesus asked them to bring out their stones which he then turned into bread. You guessed it Judas went hungry. For the next picnic Jesus asked them to bring small sharp stones. Judas felt he would not be tricked and brought big stones. But this time they went and sat under a breadfruit tree where the sharp stones were useful in bringing down the breadfruit while the big ones were useless. Poor Judas couldn’t take a trick. The moral is we need to listen to what Jesus asks us to do and do that!

Why do we come to mass? Why do we celebrate the Eucharist?
Do we really come believing Jesus when he says: “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I live in him”. The whole purpose of the Eucharist is to change us so that we become more like Christ and so that we’re drawn more closely into communion of life with God. The early Christians really believed they were eating the body of Christ & drinking his blood. Since they really believed in the real presence they were frequently accused of being cannibals. I often feel it would be good for us today if we were accused of being cannibals so we would have to offer a reasonable defense of our belief.  The point is that we don’t have to explain how the bread and wine becomes the body and blood in the consecration because if we believe we really experience that sense of unity with Jesus and with one another as members of the body of Christ in the church.

When we receive Holy Communion we should experience God’s peace and reconciliation; feel Jesus’ loving heart within us so we have empathy for our neighbors’ pains and wounds. The Blessed Teresa of Avila said that when we receive Jesus in the Eucharist we see the world through Jesus’ eyes knowing that Jesus has to see the world through our eyes – besides, he has no hands but our hands – no feet but our feet.

We come to Mass not so much to be comforted but to be transformed. The only reason we come should be that Jesus said, "Take and eat…this is my body; do this in memory of me." Let us think for a moment about memory and remembering. As we receive the Eucharist we REMEMBER the love of Jesus – not in the same sense as we remember what we did last Christmas day – but as something present with us now as it has been with believers all through salvation history.

We remember so we resemble Jesus as always seeking the will of God for our lives. Receiving the body and blood of Christ should automatically transform us out of our individual self centeredness into empathy for each other and those in need. The mystic Johann Tauler in the 14th century said that in the Eucharistic Liturgy we are united with God in Christ, "with no intermediary." "In this gift he gives himself to us directly and not in any figurative way; he is united, simply and purely, with us. This is a feast indeed; there is nothing to compare with it." We have to come to know this, he said, "by experience, by living… not by reasoning about it."

I have a friend who is a Korean Buddhist monk who visited me our parish and I took him on a guided tour of our church explaining the significance of all the statues and ritual objects. When I explained the tabernacle he prostrated himself on the floor saying I can feel the presence of your Lord.
How many of us approach the tabernacle with the reverence of my Buddhist friend?

Finally I will finish my homily with the story about the French revolutionary army moving through Italy in 1793. A group of soldiers took over a village church as their camp site and looking for things to eat and drink discovered an oak cask of communion wine. They started to drink when one soldier broke open the Tabernacle with a hammer and brought out the chalice with the hosts. He immediately fell down and none of the soldiers could get the chalice out of his clasped hand. Another ran and found the priest who came kneeled beside him, and took the chalice easily from his hand.                 

My brothers and sisters: To eat the flesh of Jesus and to drink his blood is to be totally united with him and filled with his spirit and vision. It is to be able to say with St Paul, "I live, no, it is not I, but Jesus lives in me."


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