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Welcome to this Eucharistic celebration of the 4th Sunday of Advent. I am Fr. Demetri the Korean Chaplain. I have lived at Kenthurst with Fr. Chris over these past 2 years and when the bishop asked him to come here he asked me to move to South Baulkham Hills so I could help him. I will usually be there but from time to time I will be with you here.
As we celebrate this 4th Advent Sunday before Christmas – let us give thanks for all of God’s gifts and especially the gift of God’s grace. As we light the 4th Advent candle on the wreath I want you to reflect on Jesus presence among us – of Jesus being born in us – at this time.
In other words, how do we invite Jesus into our lives?

When I greet you with “The Lord be with you” – what are you feeling?
Do you experience the mystery of the incarnation?
Today we celebrate that great mystery of God choosing our Lady – a humble Jewish girl –
to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the bearer of His Son. It is clear that Our Lady immediately felt God’s presence. She felt his love, at the same time as she was asking the same question that
we ask ourselves: How can it happen? How can God come into our own lives?

The great Christian mystic Meister Eckhart asks us to contemplate on what is the connection between me, our lady – full of Grace – and Jesus who was born in the womb of the virgin.
His point was the son of God has also to be born to me. – How can it happen?
Mary's prompt response of "yes" to the divine message is a model of faith for all believers.
Mary believed God's promises even when they seemed impossible.
She was full of grace because she trusted that what God had promised.
Her answer, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word” –
has rung down through the ages as the answer to all of us who doubt.

There is the story of the businessman, who came to his priest and said, if I donate a million dollars to the church –can I be saved? The priest did not hesitate – “Let us give it a try”.
Mary’s lesson to us is that the important donation we can make is of ourselves –
“not my will but yours O Lord. Use me as your will.”

On the 11th February 1858, Bernadette had that healing vision of “Our Lady of Lourdes”
 that has led so many people into the arms of the healing Jesus.
 It is the lesson that the Angel brought to Our Lady and Jesus gave to his disciples –
God does not leave us alone but empowers us through the gift of the H. Spirit – the gift of Grace. 

You may have heard the story of shoe-shine boy working outside Central Station in New York.
A silver medal danced at his neck as he slapped his shine cloth, again and again, across the shoes of the man. After watching the medal for a while, the man said curiously,
 “Son, what’s that hardware around your neck?’’
“It’s a medal of the mother of Jesus,’’ the boy said. “But why her medal?” the man asked: 
“She’s no different from your mother.’’
 “You could be right”, “but  there’s sure a big difference between her son and me.” The boys answered.  The man put a dollar in the boy’s hand, and walked off.
My brs and srs, I would like to think that the witness of the shoeshine boy changed the man’s life.
Then, what will be our witness this Christmas that has the potential to change someone’s life?


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