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작성일 : 11-11-20 17:45
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Today is the feast of Christ the King and the end of the Church year.
The readings for today’s Mass draw out attention to Christ’s mission as one who came to serve rather than be served, and our own obligation to extend the bounds of his Kingdom by following his example. As we begin our Mass let us think of the times we’ve fallen short of
that standard and we ask God for pardon and strength.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how we can decide about what is the best way to live? For example in my Korean community I have a special Mass sometimes for young fathers.
But when it comes to Sunday Mass they are often missing. I look for them but all I see is empty seats. Of course some are busy seeking money by working; some seeking pleasure through sport and gambling; some seeking honor. After all the Greek Philosopher who was so influential for St Thomas Aquinas said the main goal in human life is to find happiness.
So I try to imagine being born again – seeking happiness in being married, owning a house and raising a family. But when I imagine these things it is true that I also feel that I may not be satisfied with material life because even with all these things I haven’t found true happiness. I realize that liking or wanting happiness is not the same as being happy.
So hands up anyone here who has NO worries! Well then, if you have lost of worries –
stop shivering and listen to Jesus.

In today’s Gospel (Mathew 25:40) Jesus teaches us that true happiness comes from doing what we have to do as his disciples. As you listened to today’s Gospel did you feel Jesus’ love tugging at your heart strings? As we listen to his word and share in his Eucharist we should be experiencing his love as our own.

Now when I left Bangladesh suffering from typhoid almost 3 years ago I left behind a small orphanage of 20 abandoned orphan boys. I had been so happy working with them and for them. But what now? In answer to my prayers a “support group” of 40 Koreans both here in Australia and in Korea pledge to donate $10 or $20 each month. Not only has that supported and educated the boys and two seminarians who manage the orphanage, we now have enough funds to build a new home for them. They really felt love for these boys and now I think they love those boys more than me.
Because of her involvement one of the ladies in that support group said she felt guilty every time she opened her closet and saw all those clothes that she hadn’t worn for many years and she didn’t really need. Not only did she clear out her closet of those clothes she packed them up and sent them to Bangladesh to use for the poor. Someone once said they imagined the people in heaven all being mostly silent – not speaking because they already knew what everyone was in need of.

When in the 4th Century, Martin of Tours, a young Roman soldier and seeker of the Xn faith, met an unclothed man begging for alms in the freezing cold, he stopped and cut his coat in two and gave half to the stranger.  That night he dreamt he saw the heavenly court with Jesus robed in a torn cloak.  One of the angels present asked, "Master, why do you wear that battered cloak?"  Jesus replied, "My servant Martin gave it to me."

My brs and srs, As you know, because I have told you before, some time ago I hatched out some 11 bantam chickens: six were hens and 5 were roosters. Since Fr Chris did not like the noise roosters made and we did not want a population explosion the roosters were dispatched to Korean homes. But a new problem has emerged.
About 6 weeks ago the hens began to lay lovely little eggs that we gathered every day.
 Then about 2 weeks ago 4 of the hens stopped laying, went clucky and just sat in their nests
as if they were sitting on a number of fertile eggs.
To expect chickens to hatch from nothing is surely mission impossible and we have tried several strategies to get them to turn their instincts off and get back to eating and
laying more eggs but to no avail. Today all 4 hens are crowded into one small laying box.
I won’t tell you Fr Chris’s assessment of the situation. But what about us?
How do we control our instincts so that we can follow Jesus by “doing the things he wants us to do, and not doing the things he wants us to avoid.”

Well modern psychology and neuro-science has shown that we have (broadly speaking)
a three part brain. The oldest part is a bit like the chickens – it runs on instincts telling us to eat when we are hungry, when to sleep and things like that.
The second part is what helps us to be family and community.
It can be a problem in the modern world because it can be the source of our prejudices.
 But the third part, the uniquely human part is what we use to think and to imagine things.
This is the part that we educate and use to form our conscience.
This is the part we use to pray to Jesus – and thank him that we are not like my chickens.

Help me, Lord, to seek and find and respond to you in every person and in every experience of this day. Grant, Lord, that all my thoughts, intentions, actions and responses may directed solely to your love and service this day.


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