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In today’s Gospel Jesus asks us to think of what does it really mean to love God and love your neighbor. So, let us pray for the wisdom to know what this means for us in our own particular situations.
What does it really mean to love God and love your neighbor. Matthew’s gospel asks us not only to ask who our neighbor is, but what constitutes loving that person. It always seems easier for us to see in others rather than ourselves. For example a journalist visiting Africa watched an attractive young nun dressing the wounds on a man with a terrible infection in a wound on his leg. The journalist was shocked by the awful wound but was full of admiration for the young nun who seemed to show no disgust, as she went about cleaning the rotting flesh. ‘I wouldn’t do that for $2,000.’ said the journalist. ‘Neither would I,’ said the nun, ‘I do it for love.’

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus made it clear that one's neighbour is anyone in need, no matter what their race or religion.  'Neighbour', then, is an unlimited category in the teaching of Jesus, and as if to underline this from the beginning, the perfect model of this new liberating morality was a hated enemy of the Jews – a Samaritan. 

Jesus was a superb teacher. When he teaches us about love he does it in a way that speaks to us in whatever stage of life we are in. There is always more to learn about love no matter how young or how old we might be. As long as we open ourselves up to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we can always grow in love through our experiences of putting Jesus teaching into practice in our day-to-day lives. But notice that Jesus also added the phrase “as yourself”. We can’t extend a loving hand to others unless we “love ourselves”. To make love become our life’s work as disciples we have to know and love ourselves. That can only come about through prayer, contemplation and reflection.

Jesus not only tells us to love God & neighbour; but by his life & death he shows us how 2 do it. That means we are invited to pray to grow into being a loving, compassionate, unique character – formed by the personality of Jesus. We are invited to pray, not for the knowledge of how to love, but the wisdom to want to love in all circumstances of our lives.

Jesus is the Divine Invitation to experience what real human life is all about.                           
The 2nd Invitation is good for us too. It is what real life is all about. When we respond to the First Invitation, then living the 2nd Invitation with our neighbor is both holy and healthy.

Karl Bart(h) wrote volumes on God. Still he tells us his definition of God is summed up in three words: One who loves. Since God is a tremendous lover, should we be less?
When we fail to see God in people, we come to see others as a lost cause.
If we forget the lesson of today's Gospel, people appear to be unteachable & you become a cynic. So this week give time to someone who is lonely. Give a friend flowers. Share a cake. Perhaps phone an old friend. Give hope. Speak praise to a teen-ager. Forgive an enemy.
Use humor to defuse an argument. Smile. Say thank you.

They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love, Yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our love.


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