신부님 강론
영성 강연
영신 수련
주일의 기도
작성일 : 11-10-15 17:36
마태22장 15-21
 글쓴이 : 관리자
조회 : 1,619  
Today’s Gospel asks us as his servants to have the wisdom of distinguishing between spiritual and material goals.

+ The Pharisees and Herodians wanted to trick Jesus – trap him between a rock and a hard place.
If he said taxes shouldn't be paid to Caesar, then he would be denounced to the Romans.
If he said that the taxes should be paid, then he would be denounced to the strict Jews.
The notion of separation between religion and politics was unknown before him. 
But we can see today the trouble that the lack of such a distinction makes in countries with     
Muslim majorities, such as Iran.
+ I have some questions to ask you today.                                           
Fr Chris and I were complaining about my hens not laying eggs – so he went to Vince and  asked him if I was not feeding them enough but Vince said it was not yet the time for egg laying. But now Since Fr Chris has gone my hens are laying plenty of eggs and I need to eat them.  Now listen carefully here is my 1st question: If it takes ten minutes to hard-boil one egg, how long does it take to hard-boil two eggs? Who knows the answer? The answer of course is ten minutes.             
It doesn't take any longer to hard-boil two eggs than it does to hard-boil one egg.
OK, here is another question. A farmer has 15 sheep and all but nine of them die,         
how many sheep does he have left? Who thinks they know the answer to that question?
The answer is 9. I told u all but 9 of them died! Did I trick you on some of u on those questions?
Look at this coin. (hold up a 50cent) Whose picture is on it?                 
It is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II – and it also says Australia.                       
Well, we will have to use the money it symbolises to pay our taxes whether we like it or not. 
This is like the example that Jesus used in today’s Gospel. We must give to God what belongs to him. The question we must answer is what for you and me belongs to God?
As the Bible says, If we are created by God, and we were created in His image, we must belong to Him. That means we must give ourselves to Him by living a life of love and compassion, taking care of those who are poor and needy; taking care of his creation.               
What strikes me more and more in the gospels is the sheer intelligence of Jesus. 
His answer was full of wit, & insight significant for us and for our future too.               
So, we celebrate the Eucharist at which Jesus continues to serve with his Divine love.     
When we forget who we really are we worship at other secular altars.
Lord God, help us to give you what is yours. Help us to spend our hours in acts of love and   
our days in doing acts of kindness. May we always obey you and give you the praise that is due.


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