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작성일 : 11-10-15 17:33
마태22장 1-14
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In our Gospel today Jesus asks us to accept his invitation to a feast of love in the Eucharist. So in our meditation let us ask ourselves - do we also accept his invitation to a discipleship of love and do we come to his Eucharistic banquet dressed in the right attitudes.

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees and also speaks to us in parables – in puzzles and symbols that should make us stop and think. The people of Israel had been waiting for a savior but whenever God sent them a prophet as a divine messenger they persecuted or killed them. So he uses the symbol of the wedding feast to symbolize a coming together in love – to celebrate love – among those called from outside those originally chosen.

There is a lovely story of an elderly beggar who used to play the violin near the river Thames in London. One day he was having no success attracting attention and donations from people passing by – when a strange foreigner stopped and said,
“I have no money with me now, but since I play the violin can I play a few songs for you instead”. The old man passed him the violin and immediately amazingly beautiful music flowed out. A lot of people gathered to hear and applaud and
the money accumulated in the old man’s hat. But then someone shouted –
that the violinist was the famous Paganini.  He was visiting London for a concert and just taking a walk. Paganini embraced the old man and many of those present
shed tears for this wonderful display of music, love and compassion.

Jesus desires deeply that all be saved, and so he invites all to the banquet.
But He also preserves our freedom to reject Him. This is a great mystery, but
the answer lies in God's love. True love preserves the freedom of the one loved,
to either respond with authentic, free, Godly love, or to reject.

Why did the king in the parable tell this one man he was improperly dressed?
"The marriage", says St. Gregory the Great "is the wedding of Christ and His Church, and the garment is the virtue of love and charity: a person who goes into the feast without a wedding garment is someone who believes in the Church but does not have charity."

Accepting Jesus’ invitation means not only entering the banquet hall, the Church.
We must be properly attired in the wedding garment of Christ's grace:
the charity in which we must persevere as we engage in worship, in work,
in recreation, in service.

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