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As we celebrate Mass tonight, let us have confidence in Jesus’ assurance that God will sort out the complex problems and in the words of the popular song, “from little things big things grow”!

Good evening and welcome. I am more anxious than usual tonight.
Last evening I was discussing my Korean homily with Father Chris. He said to me –
that is far too long. Tomorrow make sure your homily is no longer than eight minutes.
If you go longer we know that you are addicted to hearing your own voice!~ Anyway~
I don’t know if you have heard the story of the cranky old man who went to the doctor.
The doctor asked him what was wrong with him. He replied. “You are the doctor. I pay you to tell me what is wrong with me.” Ah, said the doctor. “You have come to the wrong place. You need to go to the vets down the road. They are the experts at finding out what is wrong with those that don’t speak.”

Let us be reasonable as we meditate on our Gospel reading for today.
Jesus gives us through 3 parables some wonderful wisdom for Christian living.
In each case his message surprises us at first – but all are important. Two of the parables are telling us to trust in the small. We need to take the first small step but then
God in his creative goodness can achieve wonders. The woman baking bread only takes a small amount of yeast to mix with her dough but it has the ability to transform the whole loaf. The tiniest mustard seed can grow into an extensive bush creating shade and shelter for birds. But are we to make of the darnel and the wheat?

What is the darnel in our own hearts that competes with good Christian virtues?
Every day when we watch TV we see many ads telling us to buy this or that – in a way
that is trying to make us materialistic and secular. Those advertisements of popular culture are the darnel that is being sown within us. But let us not try to fight it ourselves but
to realize that God has also planted the mustard seed of baptism within us.
As long as we turn to God, and rely on his Grace to help us build the kingdom of God here on earth, the darnel of consumerism may persist but it does not determine the way we live.

Let me share with you some thoughts on a story in today’s paper.
On page 13 of the Sun-Herald we have the story of the Atheist Foundation of Australia urging people who have recently left the church or with no religious belief to be sure to tick the box in next month’s census. They want to show that atheism is growing so they can politically oppose the churches when they promote policies like scripture in schools.
The radical atheists are like the trouble maker who sows the weed darnel among
the farmers good crop of wheat.

It is natural for us, to respond like the farmer’s servants; to want to oppose this and
pull down the billboard they have erected in Parramatta road. But Jesus tells us to leave this sorting out to God. Our job is to live the good wheat of the Gospel.


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