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I want to begin by wishing all of our mums - and all of our spiritual mothers - a Happy Mother's Day. We see a beautiful love in our mothers, as I said: both spiritual and physical. Today we honor them, we thank them and we pray for them.

The wonderful Gospel story, the road to Emmaus is a metaphor for both our spiritual journey and especially for highlighting both the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Luke describes an intimate, personal encounter marked by tenderness and hospitality. But
we have to ask ourselves why the two did not recognize Jesus when he came up beside them. It, of course, mirrors our own experience where we fail to recognize his presence although
in his love He is always beside us. How we often miss the obvious because of our prejudices or pre-conceptions or sometimes just a misunderstanding.
For example recently some of you have referred to me as the “chicken man”. My friends, no longer! Having hatched out 14 eggs some 5 weeks ago my flock was getting too big so
I thought I should pass the young chickens on. Someone had asked through the Church office if they could take them all and I said yes. But alas when I returned home from Korean Mass the other evening they were all gone! I mean all gone! The person mistook my ALL for both chickens and others. I am thinking of raising frogs next!

My friends, there is mystery in the journey to Emmaus and back – in that as soon as Jesus is recognized He disappears. It is the mystery for us too – we experience his presence in the bread and wine – although we don’t experience his physical form.

Now, how better can we participate in the Life of God, if not in and through the Eucharist? Where does the Power of God manifest itself more, indeed exclusively, if not in the sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ? This divine Power, this Life of infinite Love draws us through the grace and the mercy of God who is so powerful, so loving in his Eucha Eucharist. But having met him there, we are strengthened to out into the world with thankfulness to serve him.

So my sisters and brothers, as we go back to our homes and families this Mothers Day
I would like you to reflect on two aspects of our Eucharistic celebration. The first is
the absolute necessity for a thankful heart in approaching the Eucharist.
Whenever Jesus shares food and hospitality it is always with a prayer of thanks;
Do we feel in our hearts this need to imitate him? The second is that the Eucharist is a foretaste of what sharing Jesus’ life means. When Jesus says that he gives us his flesh to eat- -we need to understand that in the Semitic languages the word used for flesh here means life. Jesus gives us his life and that is what empowered his disciples to teach and proclaim.
The Eucharist, after all is a celebration of our unity with God, strengthening us as “The Body and Blood of Christ” to go out into the world with thankfulness, sharing our joy – sharing our gifts. Do we really feel this empowerment giving us confidence to share - as when Jesus- -gave thanks for the two fish and the five barley loaves with the result that 5,000 had enough to eat and there was plenty left over.  Open my eyes Lord~ help me to see your face;
open my eyes Lord help me to see. Open my heart Lord~ help me to love like you,
open my heart Lord help me to love~

Now, I will ask all mothers and grandmothers to stand and
I will give them a special blessing prayer. I apologize that this is not a papal Blessing –
when Father Chris gets back from Rome – maybe he will give you a bigger blessing!
O God, author and sustainer of human life,
From your goodness your servants gathered here before you, have received the joys and burdens of being mothers.
Graciously accept our thanks and give ear to our prayer – bless and defend them from all evil and continue to be their companion along their pathway through life.
Almighty God has brought you all the joy of motherhood. May he now bless you all as we give thanks for the gifts of your children.
May he bring you and your children to one day share in the unending joys of heaven.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.


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