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작성일 : 11-04-30 17:25
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Welcome to our Mass on the second Sunday of Easter as we continue our reflections on the resurrection of Jesus. In this Mass let us reflect on our faith: what do we really believe? My Brothers and Sisters in Christ When a crisis hits us we all pray for deliverance. I have a very good friend who at this moment is dying of cancer and suffering great pain. I plead with God. “Please heal my friend and keep him alive. As a priest at this time why don’t you give me your healing power?" When we pray like this, and if deliverance comes, then we feel that we have experienced the Lord’s mercy and it is easy for us to believe. This is all well and good, but how much greater is our faith when we hold onto the Lord even when our prayers are not answered. After all, our lesson for today is "Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe." My friends, we should not feel bad about having crises in faith.  We should feel very human. We should also realize that our crises can lead us to an even stronger faith. That which challenges us often strengthens us.   
Let me give you an example of this from everyday life. A fourteen year old child does something very wrong, something that could have resulted in harm for himself or herself or others--like go for a joy, ride in a car and then getting into an accident.  Once caught, the teenager has to deal with the law and whatever reparations need to be made. The teenager also has to go before his/ her parents. The parents will most likely have their own punishment connected to the incident. But as good parents they will still say to their teenager, "I love you despite your irresponsible behavior." When they do this, they demonstrate a fuller, deeper love of their child than before their love was tested by what the child did.

Or let us imagine the case when a young wife dies of breast cancer. Her young husband is devastated. Like me, in the case of my friend I mentioned earlier, he argues with God, even gets angry with God.  “How could you let this happen to her,” he says in his grief – forgetting that God does not do bad things or cause bad things, but cries with us in our crises – just as he cried with Martha and Mary when Lazarus died. In time, after the initial shock and upset, the young man recognizes that God is present in bad times as well as in good times and then chooses to believe.  His faith is now based not just on his experience of the good, but also on his choice of God during crisis. The crisis, while not caused by God, led him to a deeper faith than he had previously. Let's not persecute ourselves.  Doubting is part of being human. The person who recognizes that God was certainly there even at the time of tragedy, anger or doubt, is a person whose faith has grown. That is why we pray today that we might all have a mature faith,  able to grow through crises.  We pray today that we might all be included in that phrase of the Lord's, "Blessed are those who have not seen but believe."         

My friends, belief and doubt have the nasty habit of co-existing uncomfortably in our selves. If that is your secret problem, let us learn from today’s gospel. Thomas is your man and the risen Jesus remains your Lord!

My brothers and sisters,
we call today Divine Mercy Sunday. Indeed the Church grants an indulgence to anyone who attends Mass and does Reconciliation on this day with the prayer for the Pope. Let us close our eyes and pray the words that Jesus gave to St. Faustina, “Tell ailing mankind to draw close to my merciful heart and I will fill them with peace. Mankind will not find consolation until it turns with confidence to my mercy and love.” Let us also pray for our Holy Father the Pope: Heavenly Father, guide and strengthen Pope Benedict, chief pastor of your Church; grant that by word and example he may lead your people to everlasting life. Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.


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