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Holy Week Thursday

Good Afternoon and Welcome to our Holy Thursday Mass.
I am not sure about you but for me Easter is a Season of mixed emotions. As we relive through Jesus’ Passion by reflecting on the Stations of the Cross I become filled with sadness about human evil and sinfulness. But as I look forward to the Resurrection I am filled with hope and joy.
My Brothers and Sisters – let me take this opportunity of wishing you a Very Happy Easter. May it bring back to you many graced memories?

Because on this Thursday we especially remember Jesus words “Do this in Memory of Me.” Yes, the great gift that Jesus gave us on this day was the Eucharist – that opportunity to meet him – in Body and Blood – in His sacred presence in the Eucharist. What a source of great joy and hope we experience whenever we meet Jesus in the Eucharist.

I have a little story of joy that I would like to share with you. Three weeks ago I went back to Korea to see my parents who are these days quite old and not in good health. So that was a joyous time of family reunion – seeing them, my brothers and sisters, my nephews and nieces after an absence of 7 years. But, a couple of days before I left a fox came and killed my bantam hen who had just started sitting on a clutch of 14 eggs. I was very sad, but a parishioner lent me a small incubator, just in case the eggs were still OK. Well imagine my interest when Fr Chris emailed me just before I came home saying that a surprise was waiting for me. Well you guessed it – resurrection – I arrived home to find 14 fluffy bantam chicks.

The other command that Jesus gave his disciples in the upper room was to follow his example – by seeing yourself as a servant – willing to stoop down and wash another’s feet. That was the task of slaves in Jesus’ time. When I was a missionary in Bangladesh the ability of Christians to stoop down and pick dying beggars up out of the mud was the thing that amazed Muslims. It was of course the thing that also amazed everyone about Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. But it should be natural for us – stooping down in humility is a Eucharistic blessing. That is because we do this in Memory of Him who suffered and died showing us the way to live, in Memory of Him.
My brothers and sisters, May the Joy of the Resurrection be yours this Easter.


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